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chrysler-pacifica-1532832Chicago – Federal District Court Judge Robert M. Dow, Jr., rejected Chrysler’s attempt to get a False Claims Act, qui tam, lawsuit alleging that Chrysler defrauded the United States by wrongfully denying powertrain warranty coverage on government owned vehicles dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the United States by the relator in federal court in Chicago under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act in 2012.  The relator, or qui tam plaintiff/whistleblower, is represented by Michael Rosenblat, of Michael C. Rosenblat, P.C., Northbrook, Illinois and Ken Goldstein of Krislov & Associates, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois.

The judge found that the complaint adequately alleged that Chrysler made false statements that powertrain warranty coverage on certain vehicles had expired when in truth the warranties were still valid.  This caused the government to pay for repairs that should have been covered under the warranty.

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