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man-with-a-megaphone-1-1378633-sChicago – The False Claims Act places several restrictions on a person’s ability to pursue a qui tam case on behalf of the government. One of these restrictions is known as the “public disclosure bar”. The definition of public disclosure was recently addressed in the case of United States, et al. v. Whipple, et al.

In Whipple, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant hospital violated the False Claims Act by knowingly submitting false of fraudulent claims to Medicare and other federally funded health care programs. The relator alleged that the hospital submitted fraudulent claims for inpatient care which should have been billed as outpatient, observation services for same day surgery claims, inpatient admissions for renal-dialysis claims, and for carotid artery stenting without authorization. The relators asserted that he discovered these frauds while working for defendant in 2006.

The relator also claimed that he was unaware of a government audit and investigation against defendant for improper billing of Medicare by defendant. In fact, the government opened an administrative investigation in February 2008 which was resolved in September 2009 after defendant refunded $477,140.42 to the government. Continue reading